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My Work

Skills: 3D Printing,  Chemistry, Coding (C, C++, Python,...), Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Electronics, Fusion 360, Laser Cutting, Machine Learning, Optical Design, Pyrotechnics, Revit, Séance Design, Show Programming, Show Control, SolidWorks, Stage Magic - all combined with an immense passion for Illusioneering.

Fire Projector #2

A few years ago, several SPFX sketches by Yale Gracey surfaced. I set it as my goal to rebuild all of the effects. This is the first one: Fire Projector #2. I designed the model in SolidWorks. The parts are 3D printed, and the base plate is laser cut. I replaced the projector with a 12V orange LED and a simple optical system. Wiggly sharpie lines on the glass greatly improve the effect.

Gaze Contingent Optical see-through HMD

A big problem of modern Head-mounted displays (HMDs) is the vergence-accommodation conflict. The virtual content appears to be meters away from you, but in reality, your eyes must focus on the screen, which is always at the same fixed distance from your face. This leads to eye strain and visual discomfort. There are several approaches to solving this problem, but all of these introduce other issues. We are the first to present a system that freely allows the placement of virtual content from the user in a range of 0.3 m to 25 m without error.

Dynamic Pepper's Ghost

An inherent problem of Pepper's ghost is the space requirements. The "Dynamic Ghost" is a variation of the classic version with a greatly decreased form factor. The prop is placed within the focal length of a lens that sits between beamsplitter and prop. Thus, the beamsplitter reflects the virtual image of the prop, which can be freely moved in space by adjusting the lens position. A simple rendering algorithm is presented to account for the lens distortion. 

"Scream" Puzzle

Unique horror-themed puzzle for an escape room. Above the door to the next room sits a flickering lamp. The attentive guest will notice that the pattern is quite regular; indeed, it blinks in Morse code. The key to deciphering the code is written in invisible UV paint onto the walls. Through another clue, the guests find out that they have to scream, thus triggering sound-activated UV strobes illuminating the invisible messages.